I provide all the usual house cleaning services: dusting, polishing, vacuuming, general cleaning, washing up, tidying and operating your washing machine (with your guidance on its features). A decluttering service can also be provided. I ask that the customer provides the necessary cleaning equipment within reason.
My garden services vary according to each customer's needs and the type of garden, but typical services include weeding, lawn mowing, pruning, planting, sowing, dead-heading/cutting back and hedge-cutting within reasonable height.
Please note that I am not able to do very heavy tasks, such as moving large rocks or cutting down trees or thick branches.
I will bring my own hand tools, but ask that the customer provides heavier equipment such as a lawn mower (which I will use with your guidance on its features).
I provide assistance for people who may find it difficult to go out for a variety of reasons, such as reduced mobility, difficulties with accessing public transport, or sensory or psychological difficulties. I can provide trasnsport in my car or, if the customer prefers, we can use public transport.
I can do your weekly or monthly shopping on your behalf, or I can accompany you to the shops in my car or via public transport, assisting you with shopping lists, budgeting, choosing items, transactions or carrying the items you buy.
Loneliness is a problem for more and more people in our society, particularly as family members move throughout the globe and as lifelong partners pass away. I provide companionship which can simply take the form of a good conversation over a cup of tea, help with a hobby, working together on housekeeping or cookery, help with "sorting" things, such as bills and phone calls to official organisations, or just a regular visit from a familiar smiling face.
Sometimes, carers are anxious about leaving the person they are caring for in order to take a much needed break or to do essential tasks such as shopping, so I provide a safe and reliable sitting service so that carers can go out with the knowledge that their loved ones will be in safe and experienced hands.
Please note
Although I worked for many years as a registered nurse, I do not provide care services for the customer. For example, I do not provide washing, dressing or toileting services. My insurance does not cover me for these tasks. When I provide a sitting service, it is with the understanding that the person I am with is able to manage self-care for the duration of my stay. I would, of course, act appropriately to keep the person safe in the event of an unforeseen emergency.
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